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Funny Poems

Feb 23, 2006 |
A collection of over fifty original, funny poems for teenagers and adults. ... Read more

Laugh out loud - Funny Images, Funny Pictures, Photos, Pics

Feb 9, 2006 |
One of the best funny image galleries on the web. Contains hundreds of images. ... Read more

Funny Joke Site

Apr 20, 2006 |
Offers humor with a wide range of subjects. Users upload to share their funniest jokes and pictures. This comedy site is updated frequently. ... Read more

College Student Fun Portal

Mar 3, 2006 |
Craziest fun portal for college students. Everything about exams, roommates, parties, and many other things, necessary for students. Also you can get T-shirts, cool posters, candles, blacklights and ... Read more

silly stuff, videos, pics, jokes and web sites

Jun 9, 2006 | is a site dedicated to everything silly. We have a large collection of fun images, videos, jokes, movie clips, photos and pictures for hours of enjoyment. ... Read more

Free flash games and wallpapers

Jul 3, 2006 |
Free Flash Games, Funny Videos, Flash Videos, Funny Pictures, mIRC, Free WallPapers, WebCams ... Read more

Funny Stuff Central

May 8, 2006 |
Features an extensive collection of funny jokes, stories, pictures, headlines, excuses, signs, songs and also links. Also includes a directory of other funny sites on the net. ... Read more

The Cure for Boredom

Mar 16, 2006 |
Games, Videos, Images, Forums, Free hosting, and much more! - Have you cured your boredom? ... Read more

Jokes And Funny Stories

Apr 7, 2006 |
Lots of jokes and funny stories on various subjects. ... Read more

Free video clips

Jul 5, 2006 |
Funny videos, addicting games, free video clips, funny pictures and more. Upload your own content and view all videos on our dial-up friendly flash player. ... Read more

Crank Calls

Nov 28, 2006 |
Get your friends, family or even your enemies with our great selection of hilarious interactive crank calls. All the pranks you need! ... Read more

Interesting Facts

May 22, 2006 | offers cool random facts from its collection of 1363 interesting facts. Random facts display on the site, or amusing facts can be optionally be emailed to visitors on request. ... Read more