Alternative Health

Holistic Californian Relaxation Massage in Eastbourne

Jun 20, 2007 |
Rosebay House Californian Relaxation Massage & Reiki Healing with David in Eastbourne for South East UK (East Sussex & West Kent). ITEC qualified therapist with over 16 year’s experience. This is a ... Read more

stress relief clinic Hypnotherapy glasgow

Jul 19, 2007 |
Stress relief with eft - emotional freedom techniques - as new, painless, drug-free, almost-perfect therapy technique relieves stress, phobia, anxiety, anger, and often works where nothing else will. ... Read more

Simply Supplements - No 1 for Vitamins and Minerals

Sep 26, 2007 |
Simply Supplements is dedicated to finding the best natural, non-toxic, nutritional supplements and effective remedies for full health and potential. It aims to make real information available, and to ... Read more

Massage Therapy

Feb 24, 2006 |
Massage Therapy, a combination of science and art, provides a relaxing experience by artistic hand strokes on the body to rejuvenate the mind and body and eliminate stress scientifically. ... Read more

Alan Richardson - Rolfing London

Aug 10, 2006 |
Alan Richardson is a certified Rolfer. This is a deep intensive massage that realigns muscles and bones to reduce chronic aches and pains, correct bad posture and relieve muscular stress. ... Read more

Astral Projection

Apr 26, 2006 |
Organization provides information about astral projection, including articles on techniques, different types of astral travel, and more. Also includes courses and workshops to help the OBE process. ... Read more

Aromatherapy Massage

Feb 24, 2006 |
Aromatherapy is a branch of alternative medicine that uses the scents of plants and their parts for therapeutic use. ... Read more

Talk and Listen Online Counselling

Aug 21, 2006 |
Worried, stressed, depressed, parenting, relationship or workplace issues? Our experienced counsellors at Talk and Listen can help. We offer brief counselling online by email, or a posteal and ... Read more

Integrated Medicine, Alternative plus Holistic Healthcare in Cambridgeshire UK

Aug 2, 2006 |
The Health Team offer Integrated, Alternative Holistic Healthcare in Cambridgeshire UK from our Complementary health practitioners. We provide Aromatherapy, Chiropody Physiotherapy that may include ... Read more

Aromatherapy Massage in Bristol

May 14, 2007 |
Aromatherapy massage helps to relax, balance, uplift, energise, calm or stimulate your mind and body thus aiding natural healing. ... Read more

indoor tanning beds

Mar 1, 2006 |
Resources about the benefits and convenience indoor tanning beds. ... Read more

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Sep 14, 2006 |
We at Khameleon help clients succeed and realise their dreams in a supportive, caring and fun environment.NLP is based on the language of the mind to consistently achieve specific outcomes and create ... Read more

Admit Services – Addiction Clinic

Jun 25, 2007 |
Admit Services gives help and advice on rehab and addiction treatment. Visit us online for information on where to find our rehab clinic. ... Read more

Here To Listen Counselling Service

Jul 13, 2006 |
We are a counselling and hypnotherapy practice based in Manchester England. We produce a range of self hypnosis cds for phobias, fears and unwanted habits. We ship to any country. ... Read more