Alternative Health

Alternative Health Medicine Products

Jan 22, 2008 |
Our alternative health medicine products contain unique ingredients including transfer factors, herbs, plant extracts and fruit juices that boost the immune system helping to fight disease and ... Read more

Reflexology Central London

Jan 28, 2008 |
KJ is a Reflexologist based in South West London: Putney, Fulham and Chelsea. She offers Reflexology, Holistic Swedish massage, On-site Chair massage, Tsuboki Japanese face massage and Reiki. ... Read more

Acupuncture Treatment at Bristol Acupuncture Clinic

Mar 14, 2008 |
Looking for Acupuncture in Bristol? Qualified practitioner Ian Robert Hope is available now for the treatment of a multitude of conditions including Emotional Distress, M.E and Fibromyalgia, Menstrual ... Read more

Yoga Poses

Feb 24, 2006 |
Yoga Poses : Guide to different Yoga Poses ... Read more

Natural medicinal herbs

May 13, 2006 |
Essential information on healing herbs, dietary supplements, natural herbs, herbal remedies and medicinal herbs. ... Read more

Herbal Products Guide

Jul 20, 2006 |
A lot of useful information about herbs, natural herbal remedies, herbal teas and much more ... Read more

Ice wraps - Cold pack therapy

Aug 4, 2006 |
The site offers gel ice packs for every body part. Ease the pain and stress with the modern cold pack therapy. ... Read more

Rehab Clinic London

Mar 22, 2008 |
Quasi-residential day-care centre, offering clients the prospect of a genuine future after addiction, together with the ability to rebuild their lives. ... Read more

Hypnotherapy in Dunstable

Mar 12, 2008 |
Hypnotherapy in Dunstable for weight loss, quit smoking and emotional problems. Hypnotherapist in Dunstable for weight loss, quit smoking and emotional problems. Hypnosis in Dunstable for weight loss, ... Read more

Relief Hypnotherapy

Oct 24, 2011 |
Hypnotherapy practice based in Manchester ... Read more

Hypnotherapy Clinic | Hypnosis | Counselling

Apr 21, 2008 |
Prestwich, Manchester Hypnotherapy and Counseling Clinic. Improving the quality of your life. Hypnosis is a safe reliable method of treatment for a wide range of problems such as anxiety, panic ... Read more

Weight Loss London

May 3, 2008 |
Florence Mackay, Mind Harmony, a successful Harley Street Hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapist for weight loss in London. ... Read more

Hypnosis Clinic London

Dec 8, 2006 |
Busy hypnotherapy clinic at No.1 Harley Street, London. Successfullytreating clients using NLP and hypnotherapy. ... Read more

Hypnosis for positive change

Dec 28, 2006 |
Dave Sabat, DCH DHP GHR (Reg), clinical hypnotherapist, could help you achieve positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours. ... Read more